Þau Hafa Sloppið Undan Þunga Myrk.

" she wants to shoot 
as though the world 
has meaning 
as though today 
as though 

as though 
as though "

4 σχόλια:

erin είπε...

it's a mystery nearing magic to me that lines and tones might compose a likeness such as this. it seems very much like utilizing string or key plucks or the silences between notes to compose music that moves the listener. it is a marvel.

and it is with equal wonder that i imagine the time you spent creating this face)))


Chimaera Flux είπε...

erin, time doesn't exist when you enjoy something : ))

kirikion είπε...



βρήκα παλμό εκεί

τα μικρά νέα μου

αφηρημένος διάγω

άμορφα κολυμπώ

Chimaera Flux είπε...

ευγνώμων : )