This too another broken toy, from broken girl gift to broken boy.

 τhe haunted face of the middle of the road follows me home
"I am Æon"

 let me show you the path
On which we neither come nor go

end of story

ξανά, μ' αυτό

2 σχόλια:

erin είπε...

hauntingly simple and true.


Chimaera Flux είπε...

"Fourteen long years she lies oh she lies oh
Fourteen years she dreams oh she dreams oh
Spreadeagled like starfish, most pain and most fear
Like flower of sea-grass, most fragile and harmless
Most fiery and bloody, most childlike and wrinkled
This starfish, this spider, most wretched and great"

erin, I was conceitedly sure that it would touch you, somehow.