Dance, dance, or we are lost.

παράλληλα με τα υβρίδια, προέκυψαν κι άλλα προτζεκτάκια, όλα αυτά μαζί και οι μουσικές και οι άνθρωποι με βοηθούν ν' αντέχω την αναμονή.

σκετσάκι της Pina Bausch από το Café Müller
και της Kyomi Ichida από το Tanzabend II

2 σχόλια:

erin είπε...

oh! have you seen the movie, Pina, by wim venders??? i watched it just recently, taking five nights to consume it/take time with it, slowly. how it/she/the dance/the people/the interpretation has changed me!


Chimaera είπε...

oh, yes, I've seen it, it is the kind of movies that someone has to watch again and again, Pina Bausch should be a teacher for us all, show us how to move expressively, teach us the way to speak with body, with fingers, the way to make our eyelids dance.

In which way you've been changed, dear?