η συγκινητική ερμηνεία του Tibet, το πιάνο, οι εικόνες.
επειδή μεταξύ μας συμφωνήσαμε πως δεν χωράνε "ευχαριστώ", της αφιερώνω την ανάρτηση.
μα τι υπέροχα μοιράσματα.

το "ποίημα" που απογείωσε ο αγαπημένος με την φωνή του

Hush; may I ask you all for silence? 
The dreamer is still asleep 
May the goddess keep us from single vision 
And you to sleep 
The dreamer is still asleep 
He's inventing landscapes in their magnetic field 
Working out a means of escape 
We'll cut across the crop circles 
The seer says no 
Not much time left for these escape attempts 
Look at it this way 
In ten years' time 
Who'll care? Who'll even remember? 
One dies like that, deep within it 
Almost inside it 
It's there for a reason 
I'll give you my old address 
And take that little book 
To tear and cut the paper 
The beginning is also the end 
Time defines it, time defines it 
It will end 
Like close friendship 
Nothing could be further 
We forget the space between people and things 
Is empty 
We forget, and don't notice the loss 
Crossing into venerable degeneration 
It's that radiant pollution 
The god with the silver hands surveys this vast contamination 
The dreamer is still dreaming 
In the heart of your heart 
Your eye remains 
Is that hurt you? Is that blister you call loveless? 
Your whole life is a cold slow shock 
Take all your time 
Track the shabby shadow down 
Through hissy mists of history 
The dreamer is still dreaming 
Hush; may I ask you all for silence? 
Will he wake in time to catch the sunset? 
Hush; may I ask you all for silent? 
May I ask you all for silent?

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