love or death? I'd chose death, it lasts forever 
unlove it lasts forever 
the night sky is me, belonging to dreams of nightmares 
moonlight bright as selflessness 
fears that become habit 
the chalk of erased words 
I've lived a thousand sleeps 
bury me in plains of silent plants 
the morning sky is me 
I turn to you, hands shake cold and warm 
your dying love wraps the sex of my despair 
I'd rather have the empiness of my want 
autoerotic, eject my unconcious 
under the wild semen of the event 
twisted, a metal coil 
like a dizzy spin 
on the axis of hope 
waiting, while creating the future that kills us 
like benzodiazepine in the cock of time 
milk curled smoke 
like a hallelujah 
a modicum of blind light 
ambient winds, timekeeping 
dissolving in delerium 
listening to the living clouds 
voices, alien and desperate 
emerge and disappear 
like those winds that visit trees 
and die in a hemisphere of silence 
scream to the silence that slowly lulls the earth to sleep 
as I talk I have nothing to say 
I fled the horizon to study the core 
I'm tired of all the signs 
let me sleep in surreal delusion 
let me be like dust 
that never had a name 
never spoke a word 
like a universe empty 
a cognitive death 
a droning silence 
an underground seizure 
isolated indifferently 


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