Hi, hi, I was running after you for a long time
I, I was watching you for, actually, I've watched you for a long time
I like to watch you when you're walking back and forth on the beach
And the way you, the way your cloth looks, I like

I like to see the edges, the bottom of it get all wet
When you're walking near the water there
It's real nice to talk to you, I didn't
I, I, I, I, I, how are you? how are you?

I saw, I saw you from your balcony window and
And you were standing there, waving at everybody
It was really great because there was about a billion people there
But when I was waving to you, the way your face was, it was so

The way your face was, it made me feel exactly like we're
It's not that you were just waving to me
But that we were we were waving to each other
Really it was really wonderful, I really felt happy, It really made me happy

And I, I just wanted to thank you, because, you, you really, really
You made me, you made me feel good and oh I, it's nothing
I, I, well I'm just clumsy, yeah, no, it's just a band-aid, no, it's okay
Oh no, I'm always doing something's always happening to me
Yeah, well, I'll be seein' ya, goodbye, bye

Wave thou art pretty
Wave thou art high
Wave thou are music
Wave thou are white

Oh, Albino
Oh, Albino

Wave thou art high
Wave thou art pretty
Wave to the city

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